Pamela Samuels Young – Mysteries That Matter!

What do they say – brains before beauty? Well, when I met Pamela Samuels Young at the James River Writers Conference, the first thing I noticed was beauty! She welcomed a conversation with me as I absorbed her glow and ultimately learned that this vibrant, smart, and confident woman is an author and was a speaker at the event.

Pamela, whose website is subtitled, Mysteries That Matter!, has recently published young adult adaptations of her book Anybody’s Daughter, about a teen who is unwittingly drawn into the world of sex trafficking, and Abuse of Discretion, a legal thriller about teen sexting. Pamela’s extensive career as an attorney and her commitment to anti-trafficking, feed her desire to write books that are spine-tingling with important messages.

Also, the multifaceted Pamela, gives us Kinky Coily: A Natural Hair Resource Guide, that encourages pride in having natural hair and the steps to achieve it as you transition.

Visit Pamela’s website where you can find and read excerpts from her many books, including a bit of erotic suspense under the pen name Sassy Sinclair. How fitting!

Click on the other menu options, too. As a recipient of prestigious awards, Pamela is requested for speaking engagements, and book club discussions with her readers! You’ll find it all there, and so much more.

Thank you, Pamela, for the Palm Springs postcard! I can see why it’s your writer’s paradise. 🙂