Erika Raskin – She Writes What She Knows

Oooohhh… I just got all tingly when I read the synopsis of Best Intentions by Erika Raskin! How did a stay-at-home mom, who returned to her career as a hospital social worker, become the defendant in a murder trial? This medical thriller is about Marti Trailor, who grew up privileged, and is now married to a doctor who works at the same hospital. He is less than thrilled with her new position. Hmmm… I wonder why?

Erika Raskin is a Virginia author who makes the literary rounds in Richmond, Charlottesville, the Capital Beltway areas, and beyond. She has written essays for print and radio, articles, and short stories, as well as her novels. Best Intentions, set in Richmond, was a 2018 fiction finalist for the People’s Choice Awards, an annual event by the prestigious Library of Virginia; quite an achievement!

Erika’s book, Close, has also received excellent reviews. It’s YA; however, enjoyed by adults, too, as a crossover novel.

Visit Erika’s website to find a treasure trove of blog stories, musings, and essays. Read a few and you’ll feel like you’re having a conversation with her. Actually, I did have an in-real-life chat with her at a recent Richmond event which added another notch on my meet-an-author belt!

You can also find Erika’s fiction and editing skills on the pages of Streetlight, an online magazine that publishes the work of writers, artists, photographers, and other talented creative people.

I love this awesome postcard, Erika. Thank you! It’s an introduction to Charlotteville’s McGuffey Art Center; but the star, of course, is the colorful Sistah who represents YOU. 🙂