Kris Spisak’s Grammartopia!

Libbie Mill Library, Thursday, July 25, 2019 7PM – 8:30PM
2100 Libbie Lake East Street, Richmond, VA 23230
(804) 501-1940

Author and editor Kris Spisak’s “Grammartopia” is a game-show style panel where three contestants battle it out for grammar prowess in an event that’s both entertaining and educational.

What was the punctuation mark first found in graffiti of ancient Pompeii?
A member of what boy band once left the stage mid-concert to correct a fan’s sign?
Should we “flesh out” or “flush out” an idea?

There will be prizes for knowledgeable audience members as well!

Grammartopia-RVAII Contestants:
Historian and debut novelist, Karen A. Chase, author
Author and Richmond Magazine columnist, Harry Kollatz, Jr.
Founder of Postcards & Authors, Anita Martin

Join Us!

Kris, Richmond’s skyline is indeed a sight to see. What a beautiful postcard image with its reflection on the James River. Thank you for sending it, along with the fascinating postcard history in your message. I will be googling to learn more. And of course, Grammartopia is going to be a fun event!

Visitors, for a peek of what to expect, watch a brief video from a previous show; and to see another postcard from Kris, click here.

See’ya there!