Jennie Lee – Yoga, Peace, & Joy

People have needed purpose in their lives since the beginning of humankind, but many have not had the freedom to seek and discover it for possible fulfillment. Though we have a way to go, thankfully, we have progressed. 

Author and Yoga Therapist Jennie Lee shares her professional and personal wisdom to those who are seeking or maintaining peace and guidance. Jennie’s first award-winning book, True Yoga: Practicing with the Yoga Sutras for Happiness and Spiritual Fulfillment, offers practitioners tangible strategies to apply the ancient science of yogic living today. Her second book, Breathing Love: Meditation in Action, deepens the conversation and delivers a powerful message about loving as a necessary and universal spiritual practice. Jennie’s third book will release from Sounds True in September 2020.

Jennie Lee began practicing yoga more than 20 years ago as a vehicle to make sense of the losses and challenges that life had delivered. As she studied the ancient teachings of yoga, spiritual psychology, and yoga philosophy, she began to overcome the adversities in her life, and ultimately, became the teacher, therapist, and mentor who she is today.

Jennie’s outstanding credentials and accomplishments are numerous; however, it’s the personal statements from her students and clients that characterize her as someone who truly cares. They feel that Jennie is trustworthy, authentic, and a person of integrity.

In addition to yoga meditation and practicing the various forms of hatha yoga (she does “balances” on cliffs in Hawaii!), Jennie’s playtime is spent surfing, which also gets a Wow! 

Visit Jennie Lee’s website to learn more about her other interactions. Beyond being a yoga coach and author, she is a writing coach, a speaker, and a wellness retreat organizer.

Reading Jennie Lee’s books can be the beginning of a change or enhancement in your life. Contact her by email or phone. Jennie’s social media is listed at the bottom of the contact page.

Jennie, the postcard is a beautiful depiction of the various sites in Hawaii, and I love your message. Thank you for choosing it as a gift to me. 🙂


Waimānalo Beach, O’ahu | Kama’ole Beach, Maui Lava flow, Hawai’i’s Big Island Wailua Falls, Kaua’i