Any Vampires in Quebec City?!

J. P. Cane – podcaster, author of Shadows Within, and vampire aficionado – visited Quebec City during his summer travels. Slide to read his message on the flip side of the postcard.

I visited Quebec City eons ago when I was about 22 years old. At the time, it would never have occurred to me to visit the library in the Morrin Centre as JP did. Maturity has its benefits.

Thank you JP, for gracing my eyes with this beautiful historic site on a postcard!


About – Working Title Podcast:

How’d you come up with Working Title as your podcast name? It was a placeholder name that refused to yield.

Date of first episode: June 24, 2014

Schedule of episodes: the first of every month

Are all of your guests authors? The aim of the podcast is to help authors craft their stories and get them into readers’ hands by drawing from the experience of my interviewees, most of whom are authors, though not all are.

How do you find or choose your guests? Most guests are those whom I know personally. Some I reach out to without any prior introductions.

Favorite type/genre of book discussion with your guests: The vampire genre, since that’s what I write in, but I learn from every genre and author.

A good interview is when: I and the audience learn.

Where are you when you’re interviewing? And your guest? We Skype. I’m in my office. (Originally, the interviews were face to face in a local library study room.)

What generation are you in? I’m an 80’s kid. Save Ferris.

You wrote a novel titled, Shadows Within. Do you plan to write another? I’m nearly finished the first draft of the second book in the series which picks up where Shadows Within concluded.

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