Kathleen M. Rodgers – The Flying Cutterbucks

June 2, 2020, is the release date for The Flying Cutterbucks! This latest novel by Kathleen M. Rodgers, set mostly during 2016, was influenced by bewilderment in the United States that tore it in political halves. Disguised feelings began to reveal themselves, uninhibited, feelings that went beyond the politics of who’s red and who’s blue into the realms of inclusivity, racism, mental illness, and abuse. In The Flying Cutterbucks, Kathleen portrays 2016 with a cast of determined and empowered women. The protagonist, Trudy, returns to her childhood home in Pardon, New Mexico, where her mother, Jewel Cutterbuck, is still struggling with the 1972 MIA status of her husband, USAF Major Shepard (Shep) Cutterbuck. Pardon is where Trudy tries to come to terms with her past. Being with her mother, her sister Georgia, and Aunt Star make it impossible not to. They’re all plagued with memories and harbored secrets of mental and sexual abuse, now exacerbated by the hostile climate in the nation.

The Flying Cutterbucks follows Kathleen M. Rodgers’ other novels that have merited kudos and awards from a variety of readers, writers, and literary organizations. Most noticeable in her writing, which spans numerous publications, is a common thread of giving attention to the U.S. military. Kathleen is a military wife; however, she has as much courage as her (retired) U.S. Air Force fighter pilot husband. When reading Kathleen’s books, it is apparent because she hits controversial topics head-on. However, she also knows well how to build in romance, friendship, animals, and so on – the treasured things in life. 

Through the magic of Bookstagram, I met Kathleen and featured her on Postcards & Authors on May 1, 2018. Since then, our mutual admiration has grown, which led to Kathleen sending me an advanced reader copy of The Flying Cutterbucks. It was a pleasure to read, followed by an honor to endorse. My thoughts can be found in the Advance Praises section of Kathleen’s final retail distribution copies and on her website. Thank you, Kathleen.

Postcards are my thing, and that’s what you see on this site; however, Kathleen and I decided to give a shout-out to small business entrepreneur Cat Snapp at Cat Snapp Studio.  Take a minute to browse her vibrant website. If you’re like me, your minute will become a looong minute. Cat has created stationery to appeal to your every need. She also has a page that lists ways to support her and other artists. A visit and a follow on Instagram is a great start.

Again Kathleen, thank you. I love the card and your note, and your kindness to Cat. Perhaps we will meet someday. 🙂


The Flying Cutterbucks is published by Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing.
Kathleen M. Rodgers is represented by Diane S. Nine, Nine Speakers, Inc.