My Sistah’s BookShelf – Celebrating Ancestors

Hello Tamika and Friends!

Once again, I’ve been introduced to a book club via the Bookstagram community!  Each group is different from the next, allowing us to see the various ways book clubs are organized and how the meetings can be such a fun activity. Louisville, Kentucky is the stomping ground for these dedicated readers. 🙂

My Sistah’s BookShelf read bestsellers, but also, they bring books to the table that are off the beaten path, as well as debut novels and diverse books that give them the feeling of honoring their ancestors. A few chosen books are listed below in the Q&A; however, visit Tamika’s Instagram feed, too. You’ll see a whole lot more of what they’ve been reading, plus a photo of the group!

Thank you Sistahs, for this beautiful 3D lenticular postcard! The images of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera are a marvelous display of talent by artist Juan Carlos Espejo.


About My Sistah’s BookShelf 

How did you choose the name of your book club?

A group of us would always talk to each other on Facebook about the books we loved, wanted to read, and were reading, so my beautiful friend Shonnte came up with the name and organized the group because we always shared books with each other. Hence, My Sistah’s BookShelf.

Number and names of members:

On our Facebook page, we have over 20 members; however, we have about 10 members who consistently meet each month at our bookclub meetings. The members that meet each month: Me (Tamika), Terri, April, Shonnte, Deondra, Latisha, Fadhia, Nikki, Shawntay, and Veronica 

Age range:

Late 20s to early 50s 

All women?


Date of first meeting:

January 2019 

Meeting schedule:

The last Saturday of every month

Meeting place:

We meet at members’ houses, local coffee shops, ice cream shops, and restaurants. At the meetings, we share gifts based on the theme of the book.

Food and beverages:

We choose our food based on a prominent theme or fixture in the novel, or it can be based on a season or holiday. In our group, we have pescatarians, vegans, and vegetarians. We cater to each other, making sure we all have something to enjoy while we talk about the book of the month. 

Book selection method:

We each write down the names of books we would like to read on a notecard, fold it, then put it in a cup to be drawn by a book member. The book that’s drawn is the book we will read. 

Most popular book:

We all love our September read, The Whisper Man by Alex North, and also, Money, Power & Sex: A Love Story by Norian Love

Best book discussion:

We absolutely hands down had a ball discussing Money, Power & Sex: A Love Story by Norian Love!!! It’s a must read!!!

Currently reading:

Slay by Brittney Morris

Next scheduled book:

We will choose our next read at our upcoming book club meeting.

Do you do things together outside of your book club meetings?

Yes. Some of our members recently went to see Jasmine Guillory, author of The Wedding Date, at a book signing event in Cincinnati. Also, some of us met in October for a book swap.