Karen Rinaldi – SucKiTude

While traipsing through the Internet, I chanced upon a fun and engaging conversation between Karen Rinaldi and Mitch Albom on his radio show.  Karen’s latest book, It’s Great to Suck at Something, was the topic and I immediately related. I’ll spare you my lifelong list of pursuits and suckitude, but at the top of Karen’s list is surfing, which is not on my list! Of the many things she’s tried and sucked at, surfing has remained constant for twenty years. Karen has said that it’s the most difficult thing she’s ever done and that she will never, ever surpass mediocrity.

However, in It’s Great to Suck at Something, Karen Rinaldi explains The Exceptional Benefits of Being Unexceptional, which is the subtitle; primarily the research and life experiences of achieving joy when you let go of perfectionism, working too much, and similar habits that often cause anxiety and depression.

Do you need an episode of Suckitude in your life? Visit Karen’s Suck at Something website for inspiration and more info on the contents of her book. She also welcomes you to share your Suckitude story!

When Karen Rinaldi isn’t sucking at surfing, she’s flourishing as SVP & Publisher at Harper Wave, an imprint of Harper Collins that she founded in 2012. Likewise, her first novel, The End of Men, inspired the feature film Maggie’s Plan. Karen has also been published in The New York Times and other prestigious publications. One of Karen’s many essays, Bruce and Gio and Me is about her extreme Bruce Springsteen enthusiasm that began during her teen years.  Thirty years later, Karen’s teen-aged son Gio is repeating the Springsteen love. Heartwarming.

Thank you, Karen, for this postcard featuring a beautiful and delicate Japanese image from the Meiji period. I see the crane and the turtle. 🙂
Kyoto National Museum