It’s Summer!

One of my favorite summer pleasures is what I’m doing now – lounging on my screened in porch. Most of this time is spent stretched out on a sofa with a book in my hands and a cup of tea on a little Ikea table beside me. At the moment, the branches on the tall trees that line the edge of my back yard are gently dancing, creating a peaceful windy sound in unison with the chatting birds. It is a little slice of heaven, as they say.

Summer is also my season for planning outdoor activities away from the comfort of my porch; though realistically, most of it doesn’t happen, because, let’s face it – it’s hot! However, good intentions are abundant, resulting in a few successes.

As I looked through my box of postcards, searching for something that represents sun and fun in my town, I found this Byrd Park duck with the Carillon Bell Tower in the background. A couple weeks ago, I was there visiting the ducks, geese, and other waterfowl at Swan Lake; just me, having a lovely, introvert day.

My next trip will include family and friends. There is another lake there for paddle boating, surrounded by grassy areas of picnickers and sunbathers. Or if exercise is your thing, get on the Vita Course to hike or to run the trails while stopping at the various apparatuses for a full body workout; or play tennis at the self-lighted courts. There’s also the Carillon Bell Tower and the Dogwood Dell Amphitheater, featuring well attended Festival of the Arts events – free, by the way. For us, I’m thinking something at Dogwood Dell; maybe the annual Fourth of July concert and fireworks!

So get motivated folks and make this a grand summer!

Ohhh… and it’s Summer Solstice Day for those of us living north of the equator. What are you doing (or did) with your extra bit of daylight? 🙂


postcard: Jeff Hansen Design