Pam Webber – Creating Meaningful Historical Fiction

Pam Webber’s latest novel, Moon Water, takes us to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and its rich Native American history, where sixteen-year-old Nettie is coming of age and experiencing its associated complexities. While dealing with a life-time bully and fallout from boyfriend issues, other problems arise. Nibi, an old medicine woman for the Monacan Indians, gives Nettie a cryptic message of impending danger during a blood moon that will threaten her and her loved ones. To protect themselves, Nettie and her friend Win, who is Nibi’s granddaughter, must build a mysterious dreamcatcher that requires them to search the dangerous mountains for the needed elements.

An excerpt from Moon Water and a captivating trailer is on Pam’s website.

Energetic and generous with her craft, Pam Webber (bio) enjoys interacting with people during book promotion tours, book club meetings, school and library visits, and serving as a panelist at literary events. In 2016, she was invited to be on a panel at the Virginia Festival of the Book, and in 2019, the James River Writing Show. In addition to being an author who has multiple notable recognitions, Pam is also a family nurse practitioner.

Browsing Pam’s Facebook posts and conversations with her followers is a testimony to the love of her books, her readers, and life in the Northern Shenandoah Valley. Visit her website to see so much more, including a synopsis, excerpt, and trailer of her debut Southern novel, The Wiregrass, a Historical Novels Review Editor’s Choice, and a Read of the Month at Southern Literary Review.

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Pam, I’ve always loved physical maps, so of course, I love this miniature postcard version! Thank you for sending it for my collection, and for detailing how it relates to Moon Water and your real-life migration through parts of the state of Virginia. And yes, I see the peaches. 🙂