It officially began in 2005. My young daughters and I designed a business-sized card, printed a stack, and passed them around to our family and friends. On it, was a request for a postcard from their travels. We were so excited to receive the first one!

During this short-lived hobby, postcards were mailed to us (or given to us) from nearby places, states throughout our country, and more from several other countries.

The postcard craze also had us travel writing and mailing cards to ourselves.  On every vacation, we’d search for just the right cards that represented our trip; or simply, cards with appealing images. Then we’d scribble a quick note, search high and low for a post office to buy stamps, drop it in the box, and voilà! Still collecting, we have at least a couple hundred.


I can’t remember when my self-professed author groupie status began; however, I remember there was no email and Internet. Paper, pens, envelopes, and stamps were the tools… or a typewriter.

But, there was WordPerfect. And that’s what I used to produce my friendly, concerned, or flattering dot matrix printed letters to authors of a few of the books I’d read. I actually received a few replies!

Since then, I’ve progressed to social media reading & commenting, book signings, book festivals, and this website. Its purpose is to feed enthusiasm and to promote literature, as well as to thank you for sharing your talent – your ability to use written words to entertain, captivate, inform, and teach.

Your notes on postcards will inspire readers of this site and spark their curiosity to know who you are and what you’ve written.

Thank you for contributing.


Anita Martin