Jay Cannon, Sci-Fi Whiz

When you think back to your childhood, about your passions, your quirks, your strengths… Did any of it resurface in your adult life? For Jay Cannon, author of The Euclician: Alien Hitman, the answer is yes!

Also known as JC, he spent countless hours in front of the TV watching Star Trek during his teen years. And then, science fiction books and movies accompanied him on the journey. I suppose there was an AHA moment, or perhaps a gradual insightfulness, that later led him to create his own amazing stories.

The Euclidian: Alien Hitman is the prequel to JC’s others in the series: When Worlds Collide and Unforeseen Alliance. If you like first contact novels, or would like to experience an adventure in this genre – these are your books!

Visit Jay Cannon’s website and be sure to click Interview on the About page. You’ll get to know more about his thoughts and enthusiasm for writing.

Thank you, JC, for the Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia postcard. I’ve been once and look forward to returning. I’m sure there is a lot more to see and learn.

And if I can speak for readers of the postcard, I’m certain that your words of encouragement are an added nudge to those who want to write.